New Mexico Farmington PMS - Totah Behavorial Health Authority

PMS - Totah Behavorial Health Authority

1615 Ojo Ct
Farmington, NM -


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About PMS - Totah Behavorial Health Authority

Pms - Totah Behavorial Health Authority is a community health services clinic in San Juan County, NM serving the rural population. Weekly hours of operation are 40. Federal funds granted to grantee Presbyterian Medical Services. help maintain operations.

Totah Behavioral Health Authority was founded in 2001 to address the problems associated with chronic alcoholism and drug abuse in Farmington and San Juan County, New Mexico. TBHA is collaboration between the three major governmental entities in the Four Corners region including the Navajo Nation, San Juan County and the City of Farmington, as well as six other partnering agencies who are the predominant providers of primary medical and behavioral health service in the area. These are San Juan Regional Medical Center, Farmington Intertribal Indian Organization, Four Winds Recovery Center, Presbyterian Medical Services, the State of New Mexico Department of Health and the Navajo Area Indian Health Service.

TBHA offers the New Mexico Comprehensive Community Support Services model for case management that incorporates the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), individual intervention that is grounded on motivational interviewing (MI), an intensive outpatient services that uses the Matrix Model, and an extensive referral network that includes providers in California and Arizona. A vital part of our services include Traditional Native American healing practices based on the Navajo teachings and culture. BHA services are sensitive to the cultural and ethnic needs of our relatives, who are referred to Totah from local courts, the DWI residential program, street outreach, and health care agencies. Using traditional counseling, facilitated community support work and contemporary best practice behavioral therapies, TBHA brings relatives into a caring and supportive environment.

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